Believe Beyond Your Beliefs

Things are not always what they seem to be! 

This work is getting you up and out of the forest to the top of the hill so that you have better view and perspective of what you are experiencing! Moving you out of your head and back into your heart – it is clearing and releasing at accelerated levels as a function of vibrational frequencies. It is all about YOU – you do the “healing” and I am here to toss this stuff in the dumpster for you! We like to start you first with an initial energetic session, whether done privately or through a program I created for you, is designed to take you through the “wringer” with a series of questions to get the releasing process started, and move into what I call 'phase shifting'. This is POWERFUL stuff that can be felt immediately and designed to make you smile and shine your light as brightly as possible!

-Michael Dake

Things are not always what they seem to be! For example, in this picture to the left, there appears to be water or a lake in the picture. There is no water in this picture! The illusion is created by the mental/intellectual mind - it is using references to create a scene that is familiar to us and we hold this into form. This picture is actually a sunset (on top) and a sunrise (on bottom) out my back door and front door of my house! The illusions that we are played by are very real - or are they?!! We are an accumulation of everything that we have ever created! And we are playing all of them out in this contemporary lifetime! Most of us are being played by the GAME! Discover how you can play the GAME, the way you want to Play the GAME! instead of being Played by the GAME! Book a Session Today!

Now is the "time" to reclaim your Dominion!

Book a Session and Punch your Ticket out of this Karmic Realm!


I used to be afraid of the dark until I learned that I am a light and the dark is afraid of ME!

How Can I help you return to YOUR happiness?

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To See, we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at.....

~Claude Monet

All of my work incorporates working with the Wholeness of You. We also work on all levels of the Soul Body - Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical - to assist you to be able to clear and release old energies by removing blocks of "stuck" energy being held into form in the "body"!  

Remember, In your heart, you become your miracles...

Welcome to My YOUniverse!

I am a WayShower

Meet Michael

  michael dake

Master Alchemist - Master Level Healing Facilitator

Long Distance Healing Facilitator

Soul Flow Regeneration Master

Energetic Bodywork



Sessions via Phone or Zoom/Skype©

Michael worked as a Senior Buyer for a Fortune 500 Semiconductor Company for 20 years and in mid-1999 he was awakened from as how he describes it, a “mentaled” state of mind. Michael was given a wonderful gift that allowed him to discover, implement and integrate a process he has created called Soul Flow Regeneration© and it re-created his world. Twenty-one years later and among other credentials held - Michael Dake is a Master Alchemist, Master Level Healing Facilitator, and Soul Flow Regeneration Methods and Techniques Master. He works with clients worldwide assisting them in facilitating the healing of their Souls and shifting them into their freedom, clarity, inspiration and creativity. The changes are very real and life altering. Since 2007, Michael has rendered over 13,000 sessions, allowing his clients to shine and illuminate the world with their Love and Light!

Allow me to take you to the places YOU want to go! Grab my hand, Come with me! Sit up on the Hill with me and Observe! This is about clearing and releasing old energies and giving you back your Clarity and Freedom - unfolding your Inspiration and Creativity from the Magic of your Heart! I can Show you the Way and take YOU...........Where you want to Go!

Know that You are loved more than you can possibly ever know, Spirit is always there for You! They are part of You! (You just don't See them YET!!) They ALWAYS have your back! They are the wind beneath your wings! They are never too busy - Nothing is too small to ask for! AND They will Never, Ever Let Go of Your Hand! You may be by yourself, but you are Never Alone! Trust, Believe and Love Yourself more than you can Trust, Believe and Love Anyone Else! Now, Allow yourself to receive the abundance that is here to be given to you! Simply by asking from your Heart! From Now On, Your job is to shine your LOVE and your Light from your Heart as brightly as possible! Remember How To BE First! 

Then, allow me take you to the place that lets you Laugh, Giggle, Smile and Have Fun and Be Happy!

Keep Smilin'!................Dake it Easy.......Michael

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Always be in your heart, become your miracles.

Unconditional love and forgiveness non-resistance and abundance are found in your heart. Allow your possibilities to be endless!


Come join, new videos uploaded often! A fun place where you can learn about the 'Hotel Rules of The Karma Game' and how to get out of it.

Pet clearing services

Your Pet (any kind of animal) also needs to have regular clearings -

just like you! 

I Will Be Done Today! Today Is A Day Of Completion! 

 Thank You For This Perfect Day! Miracle Shall Follow Miracle And Wonders Shall Never Cease!

-Florence Scovil Shinn

In the last 3 years, I have performed over 4600 individual sessions and that includes Long Distance Sessions with people in Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, DC, Florida, Georgia,Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Nevada, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Mexico, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, and Spain! Accelerate your healing! Now the same energy that I share in sessions is available in this NEW program, get yours today!

Reiki, Healing Touch, and Soul Flow Regeneration are natural methods of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation. While these modalities can be used entirely on their own, they are not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Michael Dake does not diagnose conditions nor does he perform medical treatments, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. If you have a serious health imbalance, please consult a medical or other appropriate professional.